We had a truly amazing pick'em competition in 2019. I would love to see those kinds of numbers back again this year. I understand it won't be the same with the hiatus, but let's get this tradition back into the fold on AGS. Sorry I didn't do anything last spring. It would have been terribly annoying to do a challenge with 65 game cancellations each and every week. Granted, we probably will have one or two this season, but chances are those games will be outliers and not the norm.

For the most part, the rules will stay the same. I will try and get 25-30 games each week solely of FCS vs. FCS competition. The first few weeks I may switch that just so I can get to 30. Or possibly do a hybrid of something like "What will the game result be?" 'NDSU wins by 20+' or 'NDSU wins by <20 or Loses'.

Scoring will be pretty basic, for the most part. One point for each correct game picked. There will be a couple of additional opportunities, though. The top game on the Pick'em form each week will be worth two points. Then there will be a couple bonus questions each week. If that person or persons gets the pick right on, they will get 2 bonus points. Just like last time around, I'll keep the bonus questions weird, wild, and different each week!

If you've participated in previous seasons, you know I'm very flexible and will both accept picks up until game time and will usually send out reminders as well. If you're always an end-of-the-week picker and would appreciate me leaving you out of the reminders, please let me know! I just want maximum entries each and every week! Last season we had around 50 people submit picks every single week and over 70 total competitors. The deadline for picks each week will be right before the first game on Saturday starts, usually around Noon Eastern time. Most often, I'll try not to include a Thursday or Friday night game. However, this first week, there are some good ones early, so they will be in there. You can still submit all the way until Saturday in those circumstances. You'll just miss the game if you submitted after each respective kickoff.

Shoutout to the past two winners:
2019 Gangtackle11 in a barnburner that came down to the final game.
2018 Scrappy94 in a blowout

Who will come out on top this season?

Here is the form for Week 1: https://forms.gle/Rak4fd3yp577MjHRA

Please note, about a third of the games are on Thursday or Friday. This will be the one week you'll need to get your picks in earlier than Saturday.
You can still submit up to Saturday, but you'll miss out on 10 of the 30 games.