Time to step up and prove your powers of prognostication or just how much of a homer you really are.

I think we have done this before (we have talked about everything else related to football so I donít think I am going out on a limb) so why not again. I have to admit I am not quite as confident as I may have been in other years. By many other teamsí measurements, FU had a good year last year and even considering our 8-3 record we did ok. But man we were shaky. 8-3 with lots of close wins. Of course, we blame the injuries and I will take that argument so assuming we donít have any critical ones here goes:

Sept 1 Ė Presbyterian College
Welcome to FCS The last time we played was Ingle Martinís debut as a Paladin and even though ESPN thought we lost it wasnít even close. The time before that was 2001 (and we had a pretty good team that year) and PC played a whale of a first half with a dynamite QB and offense. They scored 28 in the first 30 minutes but lost by 20 at the end of the game. This year should be interesting and I expect them to play close (during the first half) as we play it safe. But we win by three scores. 35-14.

September 8 - @ Hofstra
The last time we played was 2005 and Furman won after about 15 overtimes. Hofstra passed and we watched them pass. Last year was not the same Hofstra team. They played everyone close and lost to everyone. I really have no idea so I will have to go with what I have been hearing from the CAA fans and they donít seem to think Hofstra is going to win a whole lot more than last year. I wish I was that confident. Tough to play in front of 500 rabid fans. Furman wins 28 -24.

Sept 15 Ė @ Clempscum
I donít dislike them nearly as much as I act on this board. The last time we played we lost 17-28 and surprisingly outscored them in the second half. Take away a couple of fluke plays and the game is even closer. But it was the start of the end of Clemsonís pass happy offense. They were determined to run and they did. They played vanilla and we kept it close. I am not optimistic about this year. The last time we beat the Tiggers FDR was president. Clemson 35-10.

Sept 29 Ė Wofford
If a miracle occurs the week before and the Terriers upset the Mountaineers, they will be flying high and if they donít, they will realize that their special season could be ending early. We have had some good games recently. 2003 is the most recent Wofford win and you have to go back more than a little to find the next most recent. That game was pretty close considering Wofford was on their way to a SoCon Championship and FU was mired in mediocrity. 2004 and 2005 were close but FU wins. Last Year FU ran all over them but it was one of our few healthy games and one where Wofford was not healthy. I do think Wofford is going to be very good but not good enough. Furman 28-21.

Oct 6 Coastal Carolina.
Most of us FU fans were shocked and disappointed last year and we should not have been. All we needed to do was look at CCUís home record and who they had beat before in Conway to realize that this was an upset in the making. But this ainít in Conway and while I donít think CCU will be as down as a lot of people believe, we will be better and they wonít be. Furman 34 CCU 21

Oct 13 @ The Citadel
I have to admit that my confidence level on this pick is not great. Playing in Charleston is never easy. The Citadel cadets live and die by their honor code (of course, it does not include class and dignity when confronted by the enemy ). Great Coach, good team coming back and they will play like there is no tomorrow. It would not surprise me if we see overtime again in this one. But Furman wins 28-24.

Oct 20 @ Chattanooga
Every year it is the same, ď Is this the year that Chattanooga comes back?Ē If you pick them every year for the next 20 years you are bound to hit it right sooner or later . So is this the year? Could be and if you beat us plus a few others you can shake your finger in my face and say you told me so. I will believe it when I see it. A healthy Furman wins 24-10.

Oct 27 Appalachian State Ė Probably the longest history of close games in the I-AA history of the SoCon. Home field plays a huge advantage and ASU has to lose somewhere so it might as well be here. Furman 27-24.

I will admit to a slight amount of homerism here.

November 3 Elon
Elon improved last year. But the loss of their QB makes one go . After a fairly good season last year they ended the year horribly. I wonder (totally without fact) if some of the Lembo problems that we heard so much from the Lehigh fans hasnít found its way into Elon. Time will tell. Furman is off after ASU but wins 21-10.

November 10 Georgia Southern
By this time the Igglets have found their grove, and they will either be playing to not have their fourth loss (or to gain or playoff bid) or playing to beat the team they most love to beat. This time of year is a good time to buy stock in drug companies as purple induces extremely high blood pressure in gnat infested south Georgia. I hate to say it, but we donít fair well when the eagles are revved up and they will be. GSU wins 24-21.

November 7 Western Carolina
Last game of the season, Furman has had their FU last game and are now playing for seeding. Western Carolina just got their tails kicked the week before by a mad ASU team and now they are playing for pride against a team playing for home field in the playoffs.
Furman 35 -17.

Honestly, I think 9-2 is doable but is the best that can be expected. We play a lot of away games this year. 8-3 is more likely but it is hard to choose who might deliver the the other loss. The honest truth it would be just as easy to have said we beat GSU and lose to ASU and the Citadel (Sorry Wofford, not ready to give you one on our home field)

Even 7-4 is possible but would be extremely disappointing with an experienced team coming back. for not injuries

I am sticking with 9-2 and if we lose 3 then I will change my picks