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First, I think the Big XII is dead. The remaining teams will disperse, with most joining the AAC as the best football non-super conference and the best basketball conference in the country. Second, as Cocky mentioned, whoever is left out in FBS will combine with upper tier FCS to form a new division of college football. It will governed by the NCAA, unlike the P2 or P4 or whatever the super conferences call themselves who will be unbound by any outside regulation. We have learned a lot about college athletic (especially football) conferences and what works and what doesn't over the years. Regardless of the current, and new, conference affiliations, the leftovers should start from scratch and create a competitive, reasonably equitable, regionally tight, division/conference system. There are still enough high profile schools that it would be appealing to some network to offer a decent (not anywhere near the new P4) media rights deal. I could see some upstart network wishing to challenge the ESPN death star and promote the new division on their own media platforms. Instead of the conferences negotiating their own deals, we should adhere to the theory of "power in numbers" and negotiate as an entire entity. I have no idea how the details might work out, but this is a wonderful opportunity for a forward thinking leader to build something sustainable, equitable, competitive, and profitable for all institutions.
Why would the Big 12 throw in the towel and fold joining the AAC instead of raiding the AAC for schools like Houston and Cincinnati to replace Texas and OU?