Posts on the Patriot League used to be a regular occurrence on this board, both weighty and frivolous (search for the "Lafayette vs. New Hampshire" thread for an example of the latter.). But like the league itself, it's been in decline, but the regular posters of the past are either too old or too frustrated to care.

It's a one bid league now, and is routinely overrun in non-conference play. Its longest tenured coach resigned last month and the school has put up the cone of silence as to why. Holy Cross is headed in one direction (up) and the other six are not. The coaching situations at Lehigh (Gilmore) and Lafayette (Garrett) invite scrutiny, but the local press there has been whittled away. Georgetown has posted just one winning season since joining the PL 20 years ago, and neither the school nor the league office seems overly concerned. And to top it off, the PL ended a solid OTT media deal with Stadium to pursue a subscription-only model with ESPN, further limiting its reach to all but the die-hard fans.

Meanwhile, Fordham opens against Nebraska.

Other than telling Holy Cross to keep the title for another season, what does 2021 foretell for the Patriot League?