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Laker, what about territories?

In all seriousness, this is really something !
LOL. After I had gone to Alaska in 94 and Hawaii in 95 I had a chance to go to Puerto Rico for cheap. A couple had paid but had to cancel out of the charter- all it would cost me was the hotel room (and they were putting me with the same guy who was my roommate in Hawaii and we got along fine) and game tickets. All three of these trips were over Thanksgiving so I would only miss one day of school each time. New administration- they wouldn't let me go because I would miss some talk by an education "expert". I begged to have them record it but no go. Gophers beat Clemson for the title- the same team that they would beat in double OT in the region semis for the NCAA- basically a football game on the court.

Anyway I was in Grand Forks watching the UND women beat Southern Indiana for the D2 women's basketball title (I had worked summer camps there for years so I knew the UND players well) when I found out that the Gophers had pounded UCLA to go to the Final Four. Got a call from Creative Charters on Monday at school- they were saving a spot for me and I could either chose to stay downtown in a hotel or with an Indiana fan for a $100 donation to the Indianapolis Youth Basketball Association. No brainer there. Anyway- I talked to the super about this. He said that the policy said they could deny a personal day the day before or the day after vacation (Easter in this case). I came back with "but that Monday was originally a vacation day before they took it away as a snow day. He finally laughed and said, "I'm just pulling your chain- go!" Had a great time- my host took me to the Indy 500 racetrack for a tour, Easter dinner at his mom's place, picked me up at the airport- great guy. Later he invited me to come back for the actual Indy 500 race and met me at Grand Portage MN to sail to Isle Royale in Lake Superior. That is another adventure- the other three guys had their patches on to prevent sea sickness- it rained, I got wet, water got rough, I was the most sick I've ever been in my life. Fell asleep, got up, puked, fell asleep or passed out. Got to the island to dry off and his buddy said- "hey, thanks for saving my life." What? "Don't you remember?" No. "I slipped on the wet step coming down the steps. You were standing by the sink, looked up and caught me like a football- set me down, then went back to sleep." I didn't remember any of it. They gave me a patch and the next day I was eating sandwiches and enjoying the return trip.

So anyway- yes, I did try to expand my experiences but got let down so I couldn't go to Puerto Rico. They did go to the Bahamas but I couldn't make that trip either. Now going to Brookings on Saturday wore me out- I got home and took an hour nap- missed the end of the JMU- Sam game.