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This I do know. SFA has applied to the NCAA asking that this be the year counting for their punishment. The tricky part here is the punishment was they could not be conference champs or participate in playoffs. Because they played in the fall, claimed they were conference champs and were not eligible to play spring conference games could be viewed by the NCAA in many ways. This might be a situation where WAC influence might help
FYI - you are speaking of the wrong sport.

Football was always supposed to be penalized for the '20 season It was basketball that was a '21-22 penalty and they have since requested to make it a '20-21 penalty. Hope that clears it up for you, Raven. I wouldn't worry about anything APR-related to football and automatic bid shere.

The University has been approved to delay the menís basketball postseason ban until the 2021-22 season, while football and baseball will serve their bans during the 2020-21 academic year.