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Excellent analysis. Hopefully we will only be linked to ASUN for one season. I know SFA has applied to have this year count as their API punishment year. If it is not approved I wonder how all of this will play into the auto bid.
SFA's situation with APR has no impact on automatic bids in any sports as it relates to the WAC. 2020 was their football penalty and basketball will be when it is (again, won't have impact on WAC besides their eligibility for WAC tournament, automatic bid in '22 if it is denied). The WAC has enough schools for hoops auto bid in '21-22.

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Based on the geography argument I thought WAC would have gone after the CA schools in the Big Sky. Cal Poly, Sac State, and UC Davis. and maybe even NAU.
Outside of a quest for an automatic bid in football more expeditiously, none of these schools truly make sense for an all sports addition minus Northern Arizona. Cal Poly and UC-Davis won't be leaving the Big West in all sports. I was down with the football affiliation if they were since one trip to CA and one trip to UT for the Texas schools would've been fine and it would have only enhanced the league.