We have said that creativity will reign supreme in '21 for football in light of the recent announcement(s) about league membership...

I am not a subscriber to EXTRA POINTS but seeing some social media chatter that the ASUN & WAC are exploring a 'hybrid' league in '21 per Matt Brown of Extra Points to ensure the automatic bid to the FCS playoffs for next year and to help these school(s) with scheduling.

The deadline to submit a request for an automatic bid for '21 is fast approaching.

Multiple leagues - ASUN, WAC, Big South, OVC and Southland - impacted by the decisions in recent weeks pertaining to new league membership.

Dixie State's athletic director acknowledged on social media that they are not sure if they can be "full participants" in the WAC schedule due to the amount of contracts that they are linked to.

From an FCS perspective, this could be a fun one-year league! The WAC's new schools from Texas, Tarleton, Central Arkansas, Jacksonville State and Eastern Kentucky. Am I missing someone if Dixie State is not in the mix? That would give each of the schools seven conference in '21 and the league would have an automatic bid as there'd be six "eligible" schools plus Tarleton.

Should add that I have also seen comments that the ASUN schools would perhaps just compete in the Big South in '21 and this is a non-issue but Matt Brown usually knows something.