Good to see some activity again after checking in. Hope you guys and your families are safe and healthy!

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Fordham men's basketball desperately needs a complete overhaul or a change in scenery. I think most would agree a new conference is needed but because the Rams are solid in other sports their administration seems to content to let the men's bball team wallow in ineptitude. Fordham men's basketball and Georgetown football are neck and neck when it comes who's failures are more egregious.
Fordham's basketball failures dwarf Georgetown's football ones. This is supposed to be our marquee sport so it's tremendously worse imo.

I'm not sure what the long term effects of this past year will have on the entire department and our conference affiliations will be but in the short term we have an (interim) AD who is FINALLY reporting to the President. The expectation is that he (or his successor) will be able to make a run at finding a successful A10 coach again. I have to say that he's very impressive imo. Ed Kull - he's going about the job in a way that I've never seen anywhere close at Fordham in terms of fund raising, building our social media presence, involvement from alums across all sports, etc. Granted, the bar was about as low as it possibly could have been but still good to see.

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As for spring football; scrap it and prepare for the fall....
I wish. I think that would have been the right call too. In the meantime, Coach Conlin has continued to recruit really, really well for us. Just landed a kid who decommitted from Utah State this weekend. How are you guys doing? I haven't kept up with all of your teams, particularly as it relates to recruiting.

Again, hope you guys are well!