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Yes, but where does the Southland go to get additional football programs? Delta State and West Alabama from the D2 Gulf South (which would require a full D1 move up for these schools)? What current D1 football programs, if any, might actually join? Seems that the best bet for McNeese, Nicholls, SELA and NW St would be to be absorbed in by the ASUN. Not sure if thatís likely. Also, would effectively end the SLC. Rock and a hard place.
The ASUN is not a financially viable league for the Southland schools (especially if you include HBU, Incarnate Word and the two non-football programs) and I do not think UCA is interested in partnering up with the "whole lot" so to speak. Brad Teague was pretty blunt about why the program he leads (UCA) is leaving the league.

The Southland believes it could potentially get Texas Southern & Prairie View A&M out of the SWAC. Whether that is realistic, remains to be seen. If those schools didn't make the move when the Texas schools (SHSU, SFA, ACU & Lamar) were in the league, why would they move now? Doesn't make sense, but they are trying. Outside of that, not sure any other SWAC schools are viable additions and likely to join the league.

So you are correct, the options are likely Gulf South programs (West Georgia and West Florida have been mentioned, but likely targets for ASUN > SLC) or Lonestar Conference programs (Commerce, Kingsville) though chances are that the WAC will get the pick of the litter before the SLC if they so desire to go that route for their next football program (if they are unable to add a current Div I institution, which also seems to be their preference if possible).