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I think the transition to D-I sports for the two states North Dakota and South Dakota has been very different. In North Dakota you have NDSU and UND in two (Fargo and Grand Forks) of the three major metro areas of the State. And you have seen both schools capture large fans bases (NDSU – football and UND – hockey) that have been the foundation of the two schools’ athletic departments.

In South Dakota it has been much different. SDSU (Brookings) and USD (Vermillion) are not in the major metro (Sioux Falls) area of the state and they have both had to rely on a strong alumni base for attendance versus capturing a large local market. So, the major city in South Dakota has been relatively untapped by the DI move up by USD/SDSU. The one event that has been brought to Sioux Falls by the move up by the schools has been Summit League tournament which by all accounts has been a major success story.

I just believe that there is a lot more opportunity in the Sioux Falls market that has not been tapped by USD or SDSU and I don’t think it will be tapped by either school. They have tried multiple events to create excitement for the schools in Sioux Falls. I don't think they have been very successful. I think Sioux Falls will need a local school to reach that portion of the Sioux Falls sport entertainment market. If Augie can find a conference and decides to dedicate the resources. They will be very successful. Sioux Falls will support them.

As for the comparison of St. Thomas vs. Augie, I think most people agree. Many people think St. Thomas looks at the Summit League as a stepping stone toward MVC or Big East(I include Big East because the local media has mentioned the conference when talking about St. Thomas). Augie views the Summit League a destination - big difference.

Well, agree to disagree.

Augie is relying on one sole source of revenue for their potential move......Sanford. Got a good business model. Now if they were a school that had an enrollment of 15K or more then I would probably have a different outlook. It has barely 2K if that IIRC. IMO, they never move up because they cannot afford it and are in the right division now.