I think the level of competition will be better immediately in 2021/2022 with the extra year of eligibility for everyone and the increased scholarship limit. Down the road there may be a reverse impact when we hit the 2025 timeframe or so. I've noticed following NDSU's recruiting this summer/fall is that they appear to be recruiting less scholarship players than normal given the size of their fall 2020 senior class and more recruited walk-ons. I'm guessing they're trying to account for the fact that they'll have some 6th year seniors coming back in fall 2021 and don't want to leave them hanging when it comes to renewing their scholarships. Who knows if they'll be able to renew the scholarships for all the players who want to return but I get the feeling that many potential 6th year seniors in 2021 will need to decide whether to call it quits on college football or pay their own way for school.

If that is the case it's kind of a raw deal for high school senior recruits this year... less scholarship money available for them.