I have missed only one game in The Rivalry since I attended my first in 1970 (as freshmen couldn't play or even suit up with the varsity back then) and, that one I did 'attend' watching closed circuit from Lee Iacocca's country club in Bloomfield Hills, MI in 1976, as he hosted alums from both schools living in the MI area. So I was all revved up this year looking forward to my induction at the annual Beat Lafayette Luncheon the Friday before the Game. Needless to say, COVID-19 had other ideas. However, Lehigh is still moving forward with Rivalry 155.5 this coming Saturday, with a replay of the championship winning game over the Leotards in 2017. As a means of raising money for the athletic department with the costs associated with COVID testing, an effort has been initiated this week to sell-out Goodman Stadium (permanent seating 16,000) for "the game". Virtual tailgates are being hosted by various Lehigh coaches, as well as alumni happy hours with stars of L-L Games past being speakers. Those of us who were looking forward to our 50th Game will be recognized for 'attending' our 50th, but it certainly does feel as I anticipated. Hopefully, we will be able to attend a real game on April 17, 2021, which is tentatively scheduled under the latest planning announced by the Patriot League, to be held at Laughyette's Fisher Field. Won't be the same, but hopefully everyone remains healthy. Stay safe everyone.