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This throws a wrench in the MEAC spring football schedule. They were scheduled to play FAMU, NC Central, A&T and SC State so now they are probably going to force those schools to either get credited with a win via forfeit for those games. With them not owning their football or baseball stadiums financially they would take a loss on revenue with probably limited fans allowed or no fans allowed in the stands.
The MEAC can easily adjust the schedule to match the way the northern division is set up - all four teams play home and home with each other.

FAMU and A&T can the second game in Spring Week 2 (Week 7 is also open for both but would be back to back weeks).
FAMU and Central can add Week 3.
SCSU and A&T can add Week 5.

The existing bye weeks line up so that no other rescheduling is needed, unless the schools have set up OOC games that haven't yet been announced.