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This rule will most greatly affect mid-major NCAA basketball, where just the grad transfer loophole has created a major uptick in transfers. By allowing a free transfer for undergrads, you essentially make every impact freshman in low-to-mid Division I a potential recruit for power schools.

The biggest way this will affect FCS IMO is not necessarily FCS => FBS move-ups but more so the guys that in the past transferred down to FCS from P5 because they didn't want to sit out a year in order to transfer to a G5 instead.

I didn't realize this until a few years ago but apparently the whole sitting out a year rule only applies to a handful of sports. In most sports, you were already able to transfer without sitting out.

One thing about football specifically -- when it comes to getting drafted, so much lies on pro days and the combine that it's almost unnecessary in a lot of cases to transfer up. Did Carson Wentz need to transfer up to get drafted #1 overall? No. There might be more risk in transferring up in a lot of cases, particularly at QB, because if you move up and end up not starting, you're on the bench and not doing anything to improve your stock. On the contrary, in basketball, NBA teams are far less likely to draft guys out of small schools because it's harder to gauge how their skill set translates to a higher level of competition.
Lance doesn't need the stepping stone for draft stock, imo. It would be a good stepping stone for his development as a quarterback.