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I may go. I have a nephew in the Atlanta area who I would like to visit. How far away is Atlanta? I'm sure he would go, too.

I saw the Allman Bros in concert twice. Unfortunately, after Duane died. The first time the opening acts were The Marshall Tucker Band and the Wet Willie Band.
All 3 of those were prominent Artists involved with Capricorn Studios. Just visited with the Fam recently. It’s really cool...here’s a link to a gallery of bad pics I took. I could have stayed & read & listened all day. The Fam....not so much, although they do all like the music. https://postimg.cc/gallery/JLz48KW

78 miles straight down I-75 from the ATL Airport to Mercer’s campus.

(apologies for high jacking this Ivy League band thread, but the Eli did ask about the rematch...and I kept it music-related )