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So you're saying it's just like the first couple weeks of the poll when we have a "normal" season.
Well kind of.... in a regular season we can see if team's have dominating players coming back or if they had high turnover, have added more talent to the squad with a great recruiting class or FBS transfers...or not, and if they have a schedule favorable to being good the first few weeks or if they were lambs to the paycheck slaughter.

As it stands, for example, NDSU will:
Only play ONE game this year
Have multiple game films on UCA
Have players rested and ready
Have a home game
Have returned tons of talent

UCA on the other hand:
Will have played 2 FBS schools (one which beat Kansas State)
Played in two FCS games
Only get TWO home games out of 9 all year.
Finish the year against yet another FBS team that beat Iowa State.

But you could look at the other teams playing and see their scenarios. In a regular year FCS schools wouldn't be playing 3 FBS schools....especially 2 this early. It's just a weird year to play and trying to rank them when their is such a disparage in not only number of games but quality of opponent is just not something I can do.

I don't expect my Bears to go into Fargo and win with odds against them like that. But I hardly call one game a season. So I really couldn't rank NDSU against the other teams who are playing mutiple games.
Is there a minimum number of games to be considered a season? I have no idea. But ONE isn't really a season worthy of getting the #1 spot.

I don't and didn't expect UCA to win any of the FBS games. I hoped we'd keep it close and the schedule looked favorable to do that...until Arky State beat Kansas State and ULL beat Iowa State...and we play NDSU....ugh....

But a regular season at least we can take into account other games early on...and since FCS teams only beat FBS teams 10% or less of the time then yes making a ranking early the first two weeks is tough..but at least you can get a feel for if a team is good by how they do against the FBS...there's no way to get a feel for how NDSU will do against UCA when it's so lopsided in scheduling that if favors then so heavily...

Hey as a fan I'm just glad we are playing...