Following some discussion in the AGS Poll Forum, we have landed on doing an informal "Free For All" poll this fall. Everyone is invited to participate each week - you do not need to be a registered poll voter to participate. Voting or not voting will not count toward or against annual Poll Perfection stats.

Late on Saturday (if I happen to be online when the last game ends) or sometime on Sunday morning (more likely most weeks) there will be a thread posted using the title "2020 AGS FFF Poll - Week #" for everyone to post their ranking of all 15 teams scheduled to play this fall. Everyone will see your ranking and each ranking will be open to discussion.

Since there is no deadline to get a poll published, all rankings posted until noon on Thursday will be included in a tabulation for the week. On Thursday afternoon, I will post another thread entitled "AGS FFA Poll Results - ??/??/???? 2020 SEASON" that will make searching old results easy (format requested by ursus). This will be an opportunity to further discuss what the consensus of those who participated produced.

The teams to be included in each poll:
Abilene Christian
Austin Peay
Central Arkansas
Eastern Kentucky
Houston Baptist
Jacksonville State
Missouri State
North Alabama
North Dakota State
Stephen F. Austin
The Citadel
Western Carolina