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Thread: NCAA PROP expands opportunities for social justice statements on uniforms

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    Re: NCAA PROP expands opportunities for social justice statements on uniforms

    Quote Originally Posted by POD Knows View Post
    Yea, this statement is literally like stating the rank and file for the KKK aren't part of the broader organizational goals. If you are going to march under the BLM flag, then you own the BLM organization mission.
    No, there is a difference. The KKK is synonymous with racism, racism and racism. Nothing else. Just like ANTIFA is synonymous with socialist-led violence. Nothing else.

    There is a difference in trying to simply proclaim "Black Lives Matter" and "marching under the BLM flag". You can be a part of a movement without being part of a politically-driven organization who hijacks the lingo of that movement. If David Duke posted "ALL LIVES MATTER" on social media, it doesn't automatically make you a KKK member if you say "All Lives Matter".

    By your logic, everyone out there who would claim to stand with "Black Lives Matter" must be from the far-left end of the political spectrum. That is not even close to the case.

    And like I said, just because some self-proclaimed organization happened to be the first to lay claim to the BLM internet URL, that doesn't mean their views now automatically represent the entirety of the movement.
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