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There it is. Direct from the mouth of Sader87. To bad he is not a fan of college football or he would argue for college football being played.

He could care less for all the effort the teams have put in preparing for the upcoming season. He could care less for all the workers at these college games not having a job.
He could care less for the disappointed fans who have been looking forward to the season and the mental release it provides by cheering on your team and thus provide for better mental health for these fans.

The people arguing for no football season this fall are some cold-hearted people.
But how much less could he care??? Your MSU education is showing.

Btw, to help you out with some more comprehension the OP didn't state "they shouldn't have a season." The OP gave a prediction that a single game won't be played in FCS, and given our current situation it's not that far off of a prediction. Hell, some other posters have stated the same, but for odd reasons didn't get the midol infused response.