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I actually enjoy having WIU in the league for both Summit and Valley but at the end of the day, WIU cant afford to always fly everywhere for sports when the Dakotas can take a bus to all but Denver, UMKC* (I mean they could for South Dakota schools but North Dakota school probably not) ORU, and WIU. Having St Thomas added is nice for the footprint but not having another school within 300 miles or so has to suck.

Denver has so much money that they really dont care what people think of them and would go straight to MWC if they cared about more than just hockey. ORU is needed for baseball and adding UMKC to the I29/I35 corridor let's them know the conference is staying along that route. UMKC is another warm body but gives Omaha a decent travel partner even though USeD was a pseudo partner. St Thomas gives Twin Cities exposure and it is easy to get to so that is a no brainer.

Geographically though, I would not be surprised if they did a double swap where Murray goes to Valley for Football and MVC for other sports and WIU takes their place in the OVC. I just do not see, financially speaking, how in 5 years WIU is in the Summit and/or Valley for football.

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WIU is in a tough spot.

The state of Illinois leadership is incompetent and the state is hurting for money. With this virus debacle happening, many schools will close their doors in the coming years especially if "onlline" courses become more popular and kids are not on campus.

Probably would be a very good thing for future students if a good portion of schools would close down. More competition for students might mean lower tuition rates, which is a good thing for students.

Hopefully, WIU can weather this storm and stay D1.