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1. you are correct that the "any given day" is exciting;
2. however, do you stay FCS just to hopefully enjoy such a fleeting moment? that's like going to an autopsy in the hopes that the person is somehow, miraculously, still alive; shocking, yes; exciting, no doubt; unexpected, absolutely; common place, no.
3. what would it cost for the school to drop to D2 with the exit fee?
4. how long would it take to move to D2? A year? it's not like you can "just drop down" and the next day, you move from 63 to 36 scholarships; and you have to revamp the entire schedule for all sports and make that transition and that will take time and there will be a cost initially not a savings as the savings would be seen long term.
5. and once they are D2, and if the enrollment issues have not been corrected, there would be sense in moving to D1 that would incur more costs;
6. CWU? as a rival? sure, from a purely athletic standpoint, makes sense; BUT CWU declared financial exigency so who knows what their future is; they could go NAIA or D3 or drop football all together.
Western Washington dropped football in 2009 after being somewhat successful in the 90's, so wouldn't doubt if CWU or EWU do as well.