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The MEAC gave up their autobid for the playoffs with the Celebration bowl. If they want their autobid back, there would be 11 autobids, but I do not know if the NCAA would give it back after they "voluntarily" left to go compete in a bowl.

  • If Howard wants to go to PL, those schools would be hard pressed to reject them with today's climate and push back from society.
  • DSU is going to want to go to the NEC to cut down on travel and adding Morgan St would be a wise travel partner
  • NCCU will want to join the Big South as the rivalry between NCAT is too big to let go
  • SCSU is not going to want to be the only southern team left so I could see the Big South taking both NCCU and SCSU and kicking RMU and Monmouth to the curb to eliminate those travel costs.
  • RMU and Monmouth would most likely try to convince northern CAA teams to break off and form a more closely knit football only conference the likes of Albany, Maine, UNH, URI, and SBU.
  • I could see NSU being offered CAA membership to replace those lost teams to the new northern football only conference
I would actually enjoy having Howard in the PL. I see the AI being a much bigger issue than political pressure -- to the point where I don't think Howard would even want to join the conference. According to our resident data geek on the Holy Cross forum, the average test scores for football players are significantly below the student body averages. And many would be below the hard AI floor. So my current best guess is Howard to the NEC.

I think you're right that Norfolk State could end up in the CAA. League used to have a major presence in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area with Old Dominion and NSU would fill that void. In me "where they end up" MEAC blow-up prediction list, I had Morgan State to the CIAA with in-state rival Bowie.

Why not South Carolina State to the SoCon? I don't see the Big South booting Monmouth (b2b champ) and Bob Morris (literally just admitted for football). But I find your creation of a new conference with the northern CAA schools interesting. Would become America East Football.