You gotta be smart folks, I mitigate to a great extent but sometimes they are gonna get through.

Spammers frequently choose a school from the IVY league because it is probably all they really recognize or maybe they think it bestows some cred. I don't know but it is something I've noticed.

They topics right now are always poli topics that get posted on the FCS board and at times in the FCS news feeds for whatever reason.

Pay attention AGS, it should not be too hard to recognize that a thread labeled "Trump does...." and it is posted by a newb with 1 or 2 posts then you can be real damn sure it is a spamhole.

So then what?

You damn sure don't click a link they posted. Usually without any preamble btw so as to be extra suspicious to anyone that pays attention.
You damn sure don't quote the post(s).
You damn sure report the post, then pm me, and anyone with my phone # should text so I can be on it ASAP.
You damn sure send the link to the thread or post if you can when doing the two above mentioned tasks.
You damn sure try and not converse with the spammer (don't want others to think it is legit) but tell others that this is likely a spam thread/post and that they should click NOTHING.
This is how their lives here at AGS are as short as humanly possible.