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Due to a number of things (primarily Covid surgery shut-down, quarantine, etc.) his surgery ended up getting moved back about 3 months. Doctors say recovery puts him at the end of the season instead of only missing a little at the beginning of the season. If he plays at all, it sounds like there won't be much choice about games as it may take a good run in the playoffs for him to be able to get 4 games. But doctors can only estimate recovery - maybe he'll rehab ahead of schedule.

I'm hoping they don't try to push it and he doesn't play at all so that he has over a year to recover/rehab. But Troy doesn't like missing games. He will probably be trying to get the coaches to let him in for his 4 games.
Here is why playing even 2-3 games at the end of the year would be huge for his NFL stock. I already considered him a late round or PFA prospect projection at this point. This injury takes him out of the draft for right now because you don't know where he will be yet. With that said, if he can play even a couple games he will have the chance to show on the field that he is healthy and it is not effecting his play. NFL teams will have 2021 film to use to update his scouting report from this spring when they did their initial reports. It would allow Troy to show updated film along with those good medical results. If he does not play any games then teams have to go off 2019 film only and will have to play the wait and see game on his injury status and make sure he is back to normal. I'm not saying that missing the entire 2020 season kills his chances but playing a couple games would give him a huge advantage in that there will be recent film for scouts to evaluate. I sure hope he gets healthy by early November and MSU wins a couple playoff games so he has the chance to impress teams. They will be coming to Montana State anyway in 2020 so adding some game film to seeing his medical rehab and possibly some practices would be very good for him.