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Due to a number of things (primarily Covid surgery shut-down, quarantine, etc.) his surgery ended up getting moved back about 3 months. Doctors say recovery puts him at the end of the season instead of only missing a little at the beginning of the season. If he plays at all, it sounds like there won't be much choice about games as it may take a good run in the playoffs for him to be able to get 4 games. But doctors can only estimate recovery - maybe he'll rehab ahead of schedule.

I'm hoping they don't try to push it and he doesn't play at all so that he has over a year to recover/rehab. But Troy doesn't like missing games. He will probably be trying to get the coaches to let him in for his 4 games.
I see, makes sense why they would take a redshirt year then. Even if he was projected to be back in say mid-October he'd already have missed over half the season. So they're trading in a half season (at best) of a recently rehabbed Troy Anderson in 2020 for presumably a full season of a fully recovered Troy Anderson in 2021. The 4 game rule probably made that decision even easier.