Assuming there will be a season, UNH at #15 is probably reasonable, coming off a strange year where the D was strong, O was anemic, and the competition was strong. They're still a young team with only 8 seniors on the roster and a bevy of young and hopefully talented RFr (26) and true Fr (30). There are some significant holes to fill at WR (Malik Love), RB (Evan Gray), DB (Isaiah Perkins & Pop Lacey), and LB, but they also have some talented players who had significant playing time at those positions, a quality transfer LB from Navy, and four returning players who sat out last year after being suspended. True sophomore QB Max Brosmer showed some great talent starting 10 games as a freshman and he has some solid targets to throw to at WR and RB. The lack of experience at TE is a little worrisome with 5 or 6 candidates battling for playing time who together have only a handful of receptions. Two excellent RBs, Carlos Washington and Dylan Laube, should get most of the carries, but there are several underclassmen who could step in and contribute. The offensive line is seasoned and should help bring the offense back to it's usual strength, and the defense looks to continue to show the strength it had last year. Coach Mac is back after a one year hiatus for cancer treatment and last year's interim Ricky Santos is still with the team. Finally, the schedule looks a bit easier this year, after last year playing FBS FIU and 4 FCS tournament teams, including #2 JMU.