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I was talking about whole athletics departments dropping.

If the P5 decided to split, it would be for football only. They are not going to give up the money associated with the basketball tournament. So effectively, the ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12 and Pac 12 would become non football conferences. The football programs from those conferences would split, have their own rules, not play any current G5 or FCS programs.

The rest of us, will still be playing those schools in all other sports, like it is today, D1. But in football, there will be no FBS, FCS. It will be whatever you want to call the P5 schools after the split, and NCAA D1 football.

If the schools, or conferences want to compete at the D1 level, and not have the same amount of scholarships in football, I'm sure they can, but they cannot argue they would be at a disadvantage.

If the schools that dont think they can increase or dont want to increase football scholarships, and dont want to be a part of this, or think they would finance wise be better off, they would have the option to go to D2 or D3 for all sports.

There are several D1 schools that honestly should not be in D1 at this time. There are several D2 schools that probably should be but want to be the "big fish in a small pond". But this would make some of the D1 schools that should probably feasibly go to D2, look at it a little harder.
There are probably 40-50 FCS schools who honestly should drop to D2 or D3 while a few in D2 could move up to the new NCAA D1.

Did you guys read this article from Dodd at CBS? https://www.cbssports.com/college-fo...-from-the-fbs/

I am with him that most of the G5 would stay NCAA and some would actually go with the P5s. If 90-100 schools go who are the 30-40 who stay behind with FCS? Would the FCS change names and would minimum requirements be put in place? Who would be the G5 schools to fill out to 90 something when P5 has 65 schools?

Here is my guess at the 30 schools who would fill out the 95, if we indeed saw 90 leave the NCAA. Pretty much anyone who averages over 20k. I'm taking 95 to split the difference.

Complete 2020 AAC (Cincy, UCF, Temple, Memphis, SMU, USF, ECU, Navy, Tulane, Houston, Tulsa)
Some from CUSA (La Tech, Marshall, North Texas, Rice, Southern Miss, UAB)
Some from MAC (Toledo)
Most of MWC (Boise St, Air Force, Colorado St, Fresno St, Hawaii, San Diego St, Utah St, Wyoming)
SBC (Arkansas St, App St, Troy)

I am pretty sure someone else from MWC and MAC would attempt to go as well but not sure who. MWC would need enough to have a conference title game. I know UNLV and Nevada would try to go but not sure if they could. I'm also thinking the AAC will fill from CUSA, SBC, and Army and then you would see CUSA and SBC change heavily. SBC probably goes away and those 2-3 who would leave NCAA would have to join a new league.

I'm guessing that 2 from the AAC will go to the Big 12 potentially and that would leave 3 holes since they already have to replace UCONN now.