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How high can Radunz go for next year's draft? I know it's established that Cox is a 1st-2nd round pick most likely, but the thought that NDSU could have had a potential of 3 players in the 1st 3 rounds would have been awesome.

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I try to hammer this home not to be a jerk but because I want people to understand what they are seeing. Just because the media thinks it and says it does not mean the NFL teams are saying the same thing. I don't think a GM has said he could go 1-2. The NFL Advisory Board said he was a day 3 pick, which is why he stayed and I believe is why he transferred. I'm told a couple of the scouts who did the early grades for NFL scouting services put a 2nd round grade on him. He could go there but needs an All-SEC caliber year.

Your question on Radunz. I would say right now most in the NFL are likely to have him in the 4th-6th round range. I could see late 2nd or early 3rd with a good season and performance in Mobile. He will really need to stand out in the postseason. That is truly where small school players move up the board. Just look at Wentz. Most scouts saw him as a late day 3 or PFA prior to the season and a 3rd round pick with a shot at round 2 until they saw the return from injury in the title game and his week at the Senior Bowl. So any top 100 talk right now is potential because if any of these guys struggle in Mobile or at the NFL Combine they won't rise that high.

By the way, MVFC has a lot of players who are seen as potential draft picks by scouts. Illinois State has 3, UNI has 3, NDSU has Radunz, and SDSU has the WR Johnson. I don't see any of them there yet but based on the film I have seen it would not shock me if the MVFC has 2 top 100 picks among seniors. If Lance has a big year and comes out early there could be 3 from the league and 2 from the same team. That would be quite the accomplishment as you have eluded to.