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    Re: Emmert has spoken

    Quote Originally Posted by favorite football fan View Post
    That's a pipe dream. It is a hope beyond all hope type of thinking i.e. holding out some type of hope that we will be able to watch a football game or have our teams play; the blind hope that teams will be able to play when schools are not-open to students; the blind hope that sports will be played despite all things. What is the difference in 22 people with officials on a field with support staff on the sidelines called? Packed in; in close contact; No different for a class of 20 or 100 in a large lecture hall. You are going to put 20 people in a classroom that holds 200? You are going to hold a class five times a day in order to maximize the social distancing? Remember your school's cafeteria? Can you really social distance there? What? Eat in shifts? Stand 6 feet a part while waiting to get a taco at the taco bar? You cannot really social distance on a college campus and expect it to be effective. Every one going to wear a mask and have a 20 gallon industrial strength hand sanitizer on them while the professor lectures wearing a mask? It will be impossible to social distance on a college campus.

    And playing sports such as football cannot be done "social distancing"; total pipe dream by people desperate to come up with solutions to give them hope.
    I'm not really sure what you're arguing at this point but I guarantee there will be social distancing safeguards put in place if/when college students, or students of any age for that matter, get back on campus. They'll do what they can to reduce the chances of tranmissions and that'll include things like wearing masks to class and when walking around campus and reducing class sizes. I'm sure they'll also implement changes to reduce the amount of congregating in common areas such as no taco bar (or buffet of any kind) and plenty of pre-packaged to-go food to reduce or eliminate the number of people doing sit down dining. It's not going to completely eliminate the possibility of transmission but you'd better believe those university administrations are going to do everything they can do to get students back on campus in as safe a way as possible.

    As far as sports go I don't know why you're so convinced that it either has to be no sports or sports with no restrictions on fan attendance... there's plenty of gray area in between. They're already doing fan-less sports in South Korea with baseball and here with UFC fights and plenty more are already putting plans together for fan-less games (like German soccer next week). Where there's a will there's a way and there's going to be a monstrous will for football come fall from couch potatoes and TV networks looking to cash on this country's likely especially ravenous appetite for sports by that time. They'll play without fans if they have to.
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