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Don't have to worry about that, Trey's as grounded as they come and knows he has plenty to get better at and work on, if he has a bad year it won't be from lack of effort. Gonna be hard to top his freshman season statistically, I mean he's bound to throw some picks at some point, just needs to keep developing.
Unless he throws something like 10 picks or has a really bad TD:INT ratio I don't think anyone who knows football will look at it as a down year if he just throws a few picks. Like you said, they are going to happen. I hope he keeps the chip because he does have a chance to be special. I just feel bad for him with what media did because now he has the expectation that anything other than top 5 and his stock has dropped some when in reality the NFL was not putting solid grades on him in 2019. The only reason I think a lot of scouts will write full reports on him this year is because the school has said he may come out early so scouts will be prepared.