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He is really good. What is crazy here though is that the media does not effect the grades NFL teams put on players but basically two media outlets rated him super high and then everyone else just copied. This happen was not happening when he was playing or right when season was over. The media saw two respected outlets rank him high and then just copied them.

With that said, Lance is a definite talent. I have seen one year wonders a lot so I am always hesitant until I see back to back years. If he comes out and has a year like last year in terms of stats and shows improved strength and even better accuracy then I will definitely say he is a top 10 pick. I would just hold off and put him in the 2nd or 3rd round right now until he has a chance to prove he can continue to evolve and not be figured out.

Just to show that for the 2023 draft I had him in the 4th round back in January with UNI CB Omar Brown as a PFA and SIU RB Javon Williams as a PFA. They look to be the top 3 early on but it would not shock me if Brown ended up being a 2nd-4th round type player. I just won't project it this early because I like to make sure players develop and not be too quick and they let me down. I have been let down by a lot of players with great early starts in the past.