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If they cancelled this season and he decided to transfer, would the 2020-2021 school year count as his sit-out year and he could play in 2021? That’s what I was thinking.

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That's an interesting scenario with a lot of hypotheticals. If he'd enter the transfer portal and enroll at a new school before the decision to cancel the season was made I could see him getting that year to count. If he decides he wants to transfer after the decision has been made to cancel the season I'd guess the NCAA would have to sign off on allowing that as a transfer's "sit out year" and I'd also guess they'd get heavy resistance amongst their member schools to do that considering how much opposition there seems to be for the one-time transfer waiver that was recently given a thumbs down by the board of directors (NCAA membership votes on it later this month). IOW it could open up a lot of transfer action since players would essentially get a free year to make that move and that seems to be a no-no in the NCAA world of transfers for the money sports.