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I really don’t see him leaving for the NFL having only played one season in college. I’m not sure the NFL considers him a finished product quite yet, but part of the hype is the presumed progression in his development.

If the season is cancelled I could however see him transferring to a P5 school for that one more season of development in 2021. I don’t expect he’d do that, but wouldn’t be surprised by it.

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In order to transfer to a P5 after this year without having to sit a year he'd have to graduate in 3 years. It's doable but you've got to commit to it from fall semester of your freshman year on and bust your ass in the classroom for 3 years. Maybe he's done that but I think it's unlikely. If a P5 transfer happens for him it probably wouldn't be until the 2022 season and by that time I'd guess he'd be a bona fide first rounder if he continues this trajectory.