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But G5 pay more than what another FCS school pays to play them in a one off home game. You bring up an interesting point, but one that I'm not sure has an answer. What would fit the definition of money game? How much money needs to be payed for the team to come play a one off home game for it to count?
I searched but can't find the amount Akron is paying YSU. Can't pays ~$325k to FCS visitors...but my suspicion is Akron pays less since their program is in shambles. YSU has received >$700k for P5 games, and I think there was a year tOSU paid them more, and another year tOSU paid them but bumped YSU from the schedule. I guess any non-h/h OOC game is a money game....but if the norm for a money game is at least twice Akron....it seems disingenuous to use the same title as BIG paydays IMO.