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Sometimes it's better to say "I don't really see enough of Georgetown to judge but they'll probably finish last."

You suggest Sgarlata is "clueless on offense"? He doesn't coach offense! That's the job of Rob Spence, the former Clemson OC who coached alongside Dabo Swinney in the 2000's. What's changed between then and now? Talent! It's not a secret among PL teams that Georgetown's non-scholarship recruiting is significantly behind everyone else with impact positions, especially the ground game. A 5-9, 180 lb. scatback might get you 100 yards in game 1 but by October he's banged up or out entirely. Georgetown hasn't had a serious option at RB in over 15 years and the other teams know it, but that's what's left when the other six PL teams get done with their recruiting.

Georgetown's leading rusher averaged 40 yards a game. Couple this with long-standing recruiting weakness at OL and Spence can do little but hope his QB has enough time to find a five or ten yard pass play against five in the box. That's not a formula for end of season success.
Sgarlata is the head coach! He's responsible for the OC and the positional coaches on offense! He can't put the coaches and players to succeed in even a competent manner!

Please just stop with the Georgetown can't recruit nonsense! It's their choice!!! The PL top to bottom is terrible! There's currently very little different between the PFL and PL heading into 2020. I'd argue non-scholarship San Diego is currently better than the six scholarship programs.

Georgetown is an inept program. It really should be disbanded imo and the money put towards things that will actually make a difference. It's amazing that such smart kids will sign up to play for a football program run like a low level junior college when they can get a great education and better football experience elsewhere.