Will things get any better in 2020? After Colgate carried the national respect banner in 2018 no one was able to do it in 2019. The bottom line is PL teams have to win games. Going three straight years with just one team finishing with a winning mark (2 times with a modest 7 wins) is one of the more embarrassing lowlights I can recall for a conference in D1 athletics.

Holy Cross appears to be killing it (relatively speaking) on the recruiting trail. Not shocking kids wants to play for an energetic young coach with a proven track record of success. Everyone else seems to be hoping for a couple of difference makers to emerge and the old "coach 'em strategy" to get the most out of the rest. Still not seeing an improved depth of talent with scholarships.

Going into next year I have to think Holy Cross and Colgate are fairly close in terms of being favorites. HC has a shaky QB situation and will need a new OC to figure out an overall below average "O". If Breneman can finally stay healthy the Raiders should be right there. While Hunt can't sustain momentum his teams are never on the mat for long.

After those two it feels like a mess. Bucknell is probably the most likely to take a considerable step forward. Quality PL coaches have a history of making waves in year two. The Bison's schedule lightens up compared to 2019 which will help. Fordham continues to have quality individual talent but they can't win games. Not sure if that changes in 2020. Lehigh lacks a proven QB, OC and OL. They also lost their best defender and head into 2020 with very little positive mojo after a trainwreck finish to 2019. Lafayette hasn't had a winning record in OVER a decade and still has Garrett as head coach. Georgetown will be a scrappy team that fights and claws on their to another losing record. Sgarlata is clueless when it comes to offense.