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Colorado has been in the Pac 12 for eight years already.

I actually predict Oklahoma and Texas go to the Big Ten if anywhere. UT is not going to follow A&M into the SEC.

If the ACC wanted West Virginia, they would be in the league today (but they're not).

If Big 12 expands they will either look in the direction of BYU / Boise / Colorado State or look to expand East to complement WVU with Cincinnati and/or Memphis.

If Big 12 poached a couple of schools from the MWC, NDSU would defnitely be an option. And it's the only FBS conference that they should make the jump for. No how much the Big 12 "implodes", NDSU won't be on their radar.
I'll go in a different direction and say Nebraska's chances of returning to the Big 12 are increasing. Their move to the Big 10 has been a disaster. It's cost them geographical identity and their presence in Texas. The question to me is who would come with them? Colorado or Memphis perhaps?

There's also been more grumblings regarding Gonzaga and San Diego State linking up with the PAC 12 in some capacity. Gonzaga would instantly give the conference the best hoops program in the West and a national name brand. San Diego State has been quietly excellent in football and bball the last decade. If they could figure out a better stadium situation they are very attractive.