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The thing is it's not resources that separates NDSU from others in the FCS. JMU spends $5M more on football annually than NDSU does. Jacksonville St, Delaware, and both Montana schools spend more on football annually than NDSU does.

Roll your eyes if you want but the difference between NDSU and the rest of the FCS isn't something tangible that can be tied to resources or spending. What they've built obviously isn't easy to build or it would've happened and be happening in more places but it's not something you can build just by throwing money at the program.
I agree .. NDSU has no inherent advantages that weren't built and/or earned over a long period of time. Even their budget is earned as they rely very little on student fees or university money.

If there is one inherent advantage, it is only that they have very little competition for fans or attention sitting there in Fargo. You could draw a 3 hour radius around them, and there is very little in the way of other sporting options, certainly very little in the way of football. But you could say the exact same thing about several areas of rural america.

But I am not in camp of people who think they should just go FBS. One, I'm not convnced their model would translate well at the P5 level .. that game is much more about big time playmakers who play in space. NDSU does not do that. And the P5 grind would take a toll on them .. they are bigger, faster, better, and deeper with those players. I'm quite sure they would do very well at G5 level, but I don't know why would prefer G5 to FCS .. there is moderate difference (less difference with MVFC) and no true champion.