Thank you to the one voter who voted for McNeese (it wasn't me).

For those of you who know (and for those of you who don't), the McNeese head coach Sterlin Gilbert submitted his resignation Sunday to head to Syracuse as OC. What a lovely fellow! In this turmoil of losing the head coach and other assistant coaches plus players who will transfer and signed recruits from December who may change their minds, who knows what will happen, but it may be sometime before the Cowboys crack the Top 40 again for some time.

McNeese will be ineligible for the playoffs this 2020 season due to not meeting the APR standards. This was not due to the one who just absconded to Syracuse, but due to the previous coach. Gilbert was aware of this when he was hired.

Anyway, hopefully McNeese will name a new coach soon and salvage something of this program. Prayers appreciated!

Let me join in in thanking Ursus and Supe and everyone who makes this forum the GOAT that it is!