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He didn't take a pay cut overall.

He had money moved from the university as part of his base pay to money from Leirfield.

Also why the flying god damn **** would they have signed him to a new contract to work his buy out when HE WOULD LITERALLY BE OUT A CONTRACT AFTER THIS FALL? HIS CONTRACT IS LITERALLY 8 OR 9 MONTHS FROM EXPIRING COMPLETELY

There's a lot more to this that none of you give a **** about because Hur DUr MaRK fArLEy bIG dumB FAIlURe heAd AND I DOn'T UnDeRStanD AnytHING ABOuT uNi or WHat iS actuaLLY happEnInG ThEre

I would expect to hear/read some relatively big news in the next 6-12 months and Farley is a MAJOR part of that - ie about the only reason it would happen. Which is why money was shifted from base pay to media partner pay

With this extension Farley will have played with an/or recruiting and coached every single recruiting class that has stepped foot on UNI's campus between 1979 and 2031. Go a head and let that sink in for a moment in terms of what his impact at UNI is beyond omGz He Didn't wins AnY natIONaL TiTLez wHAt a ****iNG SchlUB

The UNIDome turns 50 in 2026. Farley has been a part of 47 of the recruiting classes to step foot on that field at that point.
Farely is going to retire and be the color commentator for UNI football broadcasts.