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    Re: Pro FCS Prospects?

    Quote Originally Posted by BEAR View Post
     Wonder where the big stiff and slow online guy ended up....
    I know he signed with Denver but I fully expected he would either sign with a team or get a tryout because of his size (6'8, 307) and length (35 arm, 84 1/2 wing). I graded him as a low FA because if he were not a big guy I don't think he would have even gotten looks. To me, he was a good college player with limited athletic ability and did a lot of waist bending because he is stiff. Any OT who has his size should at least make the practice squad so I would not be shocked at that but if he does not then that will tell you he was probably as bad or worse than my impression of him in the games I saw. I say that because NFL teams are always hesitant to cut a 6'8 300+ pound guy if they can move at all and have functional strength.
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