I don't think it's being overly dramatic to say that these two teams have been on a collision course since fall camp opened. With a combined 29-0 vs FCS opponents these are the two heavyweights in the FCS this year.

The stats breakdown has a remarkable amount of small numbers in the rank columns which explains the gaudy records of these two:

Neither team has a glaring weakness and both teams can win games a number of different ways so it should be an entertaining matchup which is something we haven't gotten a lot of in this year's playoffs.

It'll be interesting to see what the viewership numbers are with the game moving to ABC. When NDSU and JMU played 2 years ago it was the most watched championship game that NDSU has played in.

Both Massey and Sagarin favor NDSU by about a field goal on a neutral field (although Sagarin hasn't been updated with yesterday's games yet).

We've only got 20 more days to discuss and debate so might as well get started!