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I'm thinking that will not be an issue with the NCAA. Easily waived considering the circumstances. Besides, it is almost like two separate seasons. I'll take the nearly $1M we are getting in any event. Also, something tells me that the spring may not go off as anticipated. Not due the virus, but the fallout issues, some of which we don't even know exist yet. I think you can bank on at least 1 or maybe more SOCON schools either not playing in the spring or having serious issues which screws up the schedule.
I thought the same, as the NCAA, has been basically throwing their eligibility rule book out the window so far - “You get a redshirt! And, you get a redshirt! And YOU get a redshirt!”

But, ‘well-placed anonymous sources’ are telling me, “not so fast my friend” on the NCAA waiving the 11 game restriction.

Of course, that makes absolutely no sense, since the 11 vs. 12 game rule is based upon the number of full moons in September & October & the expected high tide level in Indianapolis on Thanksgiving Day...something like that...BUT, with the NCAA, you have to use Hickam’s dictum vs. Occam’s razor to project what they might do.

I think CIT (just this one time) is doing exactly the right thing - take the Iggle (and the $1m) in hand vs. the 2 Mocs in the shrubbery!