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I've got a feeling that 8 games in the fall is actually a pipe dream. If we cant get through a full season of Basketball (with 12-15 on the roster) how do you think we will actually make it through a FB season (with 90+ kids hanging out at the cafe, Krystal and Walmart)?

I haven't participated much in the Spring Football conversation since I am not convinced there will be Spring Season, yet. I was hoping Wofford would play games this fall. All hospitals of any decent size in Eastern North Carolina are at full capacity, with COVID admissions predicted to continue to rise over the next few weeks. Parts of North Carolina are advancing to vaccinate people in group 1b (folks over 75) this week, but in South Carolina, this probably won't happen until late February. Essential workers and students will be next in line, with April or May being a reasonable time for the general public.

I suspect we will have a very limited Spring Season with very limited attendance - possibly parents only.