A lot of chatter about this in various threads recently so I thought it would be interesting to gauge what the community sentiment is. I've seen suggestions all the way from 8 to 32 teams as being the best format so I'm curious what the consensus is (if there is one).

Disclaimer on the poll options: I know we'd all love to see all teams seeded in any format but that's just not realistic so I'm assuming that the 16, 20, and 24 team fields all have the same amount of seeds as they did in their last iteration of that format. Similarly I'm assuming that a theoretical 32 team field wouldn't add seeds from the 24 team field and that a theoretical 8 team field wouldn't take away seeds from a 16 team field.

Disclaimer #2: Also be aware that taking away autobids altogether is incredibly unlikely so I wouldn't assume the NCAA will ever do that. However, it is an NCAA rule that at least half the field has to be at-large selections so with a 16 team field the NEC and Pioneer would likely lose their autobids and with an 8 team field a whole bunch of conferences would lose their autobid.

Feel free to throw out your theories in the thread replies or pitch your preferred format.