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You would think that the students would come out in droves.

But we're not the team from the hill....
The Hill people didn't get that big of attendance this year either.

But I get what the A.D. is doing here. When you watch an FCS game on TV typically it shows the visiting side. UCA typically has a good crowd on the home side and the visiting side is pretty sparse. Visiting team fans and students just don't show up usually. We're kind of the odd ball geographically in our conference. If we put people on the visiting side then the cameras will have something to look at and since they hardly ever show the home side then at least it will give more of an accurate picture of attendance at the games. Plus recruits will see fan interest that actually exists and maybe that will influence them to come to UCA...or any school. It's the reason kids go to FBS schools. Fun and packed atmosphere.