Here we go. Now we know who is coming to the FD next week.

Nicholls had an impressive showing in their ground game against UND. Now can they do it against the Bison defense?

#55 for Nicholls on defense looks pretty darn good and NDSU will need to contain him. Fourcade had a good day passing against UND 14/16 for 165 and 1 TD....efficient. Nicholls piled up 316 yards rushing but the NDSU defense is significantly better than UND's.

Can Nicholls slow down Trey Lance and the Bison offense? UND could not run the ball.....NDSU will be able to.

Interesting match up.

IMO, NDSU's power down hill running style will wear down Nicholls and NDSU will roll to an easy win.

NDSU has only had 2 teams score in the 20s and some of those scores were in garbage time. Can Nicholls score enough to win? Can Nicholls slow down the Bison offense? Hold them under 20?