Weber State, Montana, and Sacramento State all went 1-1 against each other. South Dakota State, Illinois State, and Northern Iowa also went 1-1 against each other. How do you separate who's better than who?

Personally, I would say:
Weber State - win over Northern Iowa is a big part of this. Also, they're the only one of the three to have their win on the road.
Montana - non-con win over Monmouth trumps Sac's non-con win over Northern Colorado
Sacramento State - Having two FBS games and a lower division took away a shot at a decent non-con victory.

South Dakota State - most dominating win of the 3
Illinois State - second best win is over SIU
Northern Iowa - second best win is over? South Dakota?

How do these six sit in your minds? Also, how would you rank them together?

I might say
Sac State
Illinois State
Northern Iowa

It's weird struggling looking for quality wins regarding teams in the valley. Usually any Valley win is quality, but the bottom 5 are all looking pretty putrid in comparison to prior seasons. .