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Davis is pretty mediocre at best. IMO, if you had better QB play, the Redbirds would be more consistent.
we are just snakebit at QB position and our pass game. Spack just doesn't develop his QBs or let them play. He once made this comment about Matt Brown ... who was recruited by previous coaching staff, so Spack inherited him. Brown is arguably the best QB in ISUr history, and regularly outplayed some very good QBs ... he actually this about his stud QB after he had a rough outing, "with Matt, you have to take the bad with the good". It is a very telling statement about a coach who still believes he can win with defense and run game alone. And how he so easily loses confidence his his game plan and QB. IMO, it is why in 11 years (he inherited Brown and for Roberson to transfer), he has yet to recruit a HS QB who worked out. Kolbe was his best find and he got off to nice start in 2016 as RS SO. But he got worse each year under our system. QBs come and go, we've changed out OCs several times ... near same result at QB position and with our pass game, even when it could be decent.

Our problems these last 4 years are 90% in our pass game and QB position, and as much (or more) a reflection of our coaching than it is of our QBs. The play calling at the end of our SDSU game in 2017 is a great example of the problem .. so maddening to watch from our perspective. I get not calling a timeout after first run (zero yards), but why didn't we call timeout once we got the first of 2 first downs ???? SDSU had already stopped the clock for us twice .. why didn't we stop the clock after we got the first down on our 3rd play with just under a minute to go, thanks to SDSU calling 2 TOs for us ?? Sitting on 31, we only needed 35-40 more yards and would have still had 2 more timeouts, and with SDSU in semi-prevent feeling the heat of possbly losing. We never threw once, and we never called a timeout .. we took the tie, when we could have won. Then we get to OT and we don't give it to our all american RB even once .. we throw 3 times from the 25 with our untested RS FR playing his 1st and only game ever, since he was moved to Safety the next offseason, because he just was not a dual threat who could throw the ball. Made zero sense.

Our roster has been a top 10 roster these last 4 years (2016-19), but offensively we just never seem to put it together, despite having stud RBs, good WRs and good OL most years, combined with very tough defenses. It is getting old settling for 6-5 or 7-4.

Davis might light it up today if he gets things going and Spack takes the training wheels off, or he might throw for 50 yards .. we'll see. It is more a lack of confidence and comfort in pass game from coaches on down to QB. And it can be very infectious.